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The final steps are just removing the login. The system will create a new file on the next startup. The reboot command just restarts the computer and gets you out of Single-User mode the Unix-y stuff on screen.

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Halfway through setup assistant the computer hangs. Any ideas? AppleSetupDone shutdown -h now. The rm command produced some error I think, like a bad domain or path. Have you any recommendations to troubleshoot this further? I would recommend booting into Single-user mode by holding down command-S at startup.

Try booting from an installation disc and reset the password that way, or reinstall the operating system to fix any system errors. Hi, need help. I was ok until it asked for new password. Is there a way to get around this and start over? Your help is greatly appreciated. You can not delete the admin account, there must be one on the system.

This method will allow you to reset the admin password, but if you are not the admin i. Big man, Im sorry but im alittle confused on the excact inputs I should be using, looking at everyones is making me confused. Nothing will show on screen while you are typing the new password.


Just type it slow and carefully. Thank you so much! This saved me time and money; and was super easy! Easy to use. Thanks Big Mac!

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These commands will only work on Mac OS X There are separate command for Not sure it can be done on any earlier Mac OS. We purchased a laptop for someone in our business.

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They have left on not so good terms. Does this work for my circumstance? Hit Enter after retyping new password and then type:. VERY bad idea. The command key is the same as the Apple-key. You need to be pressing command-S at startup, not while the computer is running.

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Once it comes up in all text on screen, you are in single-user mode. Follow the directions for resetting the password you might want to print them out first. The command on that line should be entered as follows assuming your username was veena, then : passwd veena. The command is mount, not munt. I entered new user information and everything working now. Glad to hear it, but I think you should change that password after posting it on the internet.

How To Reset Keychain Access on Mac

I bought an used but almost new Imac 27 i5. With the help of above mentioned method I made my own account succesfull and deleted his. I cant rename them or even replace because it says I dont have the permissions. My total folder structure is placed in root Documents folder and in the filefolder options I can still see the name of the deleted account.

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Even when I change the right to fully read and write it is still not possible to chang anything. How is it possible that in the documents info the already deleted account still excists and can it be changed? Sorry for any mistake in language and thanks for any suggestions. It sounds like you have permissions turned on with the external hard drive.

I seem to be in the same boat as everyone else in this forum! Let me clarify…I can get into the MAC computer.